Thursday, 16 September 2010

adriano zumbo chocolat cafe @ terry st., rozelle

I admit I do like Adriano Zumbo but I'm by no means a stalker. Actually, I don't deal well with people that hover and lurk around me for no apparent reason and I remember the first time I saw Adriano in person, I was too nervous to even look his way. Anyway, it just happened to be that after seeing Adriano on Thursday night at MidCity, I happened to see him again when I went to his new cafe on Saturday for a catchup with the high school girls. I actually didn't think he'd be in the kitchen but alas he was, and yes, some more stalker-ish pics were taken through the kitchen window!

Anyway, in case you haven't heard, Adriano has moved his Chocolat Cafe to Terry Street in Rozelle. Terry Street is parallel to Darling Street (where the cafe used to be) and to be quite honest, I actually really like the new location. You're pretty much there as you turn into Terry Street from Victoria Road. There's plenty more parking and being away from the rest of the shops, the place isn't quite so manic. There still are the queues but contradictory to what you might expect at his Darling Street Patisserie, you can actually line up in the queue and still have cakes to buy when you're at the head of it.

The girls and I were there for a late lunch. I picked the Blueberry & Spinach quiche to try; it's a rather strange mix of sweet and savoury, it works but I actually prefer the one you see behind, the pumpkin and pine nut. 

I have my usual flat white and bought one each of the twelve macarons on the shelf. My favourite is the Choklet - it's literally a brownie in a macaron and I wish I'd bought myself a dozen of them to happily eat my way through. 

We spot Adriano Zumbo in the kitchen! FYI: The only seating available at the cafe is 9 stools which face the kitchen, separated by the glass window (I was lucky to get a prime spot looking in!)

Artwork decorating the walls of the new cafe.

My favourite part of the wall - an evil looking donut!

A piece of chocolate fondant cake shared between four - the best way to describe this is that the whole piece of cake tastes like the inside of a chocolate fondant (not quite melty but so gooey and decadent); it's so deliciously rich that you'll need to share this one between a few. I wouldn't try eating this one by yourself.

Why not, a picture of Adriano's back!

I'd actually thought that the cafe would have more seating but really, I much prefer the glass window and being able to see inside the kitchen and see all the cakes being made! My biggest and most exciting discovery though from visiting the cafe was finding out that you can actually order the V8 cake that he made on Masterchef. Guess who'll be ordering that cake for their birthday? ME!

I keep reading that Adriano will be publishing his cookbook this year and starting classes. Can't wait for both!!!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh I didn't realise that it moved, I heard it was closing down. Sounds like the new location is much better! :)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I tried the V8 cake recently - a friend ordered it for a combined birthday do and it was amazingly intricate!

joey@FoodiePop said...

Why do I keep looking at the chocolate fondant cake???

joey@FoodiePop said...

Why do I keep looking at the chocolate fondant cake??

missklicious said...

The artwork looks very cool! And V8 cake sounds like the ultimate birthday cake!

panda said...

lorraine - yep, they've closed down the cafe on darling st. and the new cafe is part of zumbo's kitchen. much better location i think, not as crowded either.

mademoiselle delicieuse - a few other friends have told me they've ordered it. b'day is coming up, maybe i should treat myself to one!

joey - was a rather yummy chocolate fondant cake! they also have a caramel version which sounded even more decadent but i feared would be too sweet.

missklicious - exactly what i was thinking, must hint to the boy that my b'day is coming up!