Tuesday, 21 September 2010

minto @ rowe st., eastwood

I'm not too sure what's gotten into me but all I seem to be eating lately is Korean food, and I love it! My staples are usually Korean pancake, noodles and/or hotpot and visiting Minto on Rowe Street in Eastwood, these were exactly the items I ate! Bizarrely, this dinner at Minto's ended up being a spicy as unknowingly (well we should've known), the boy and I ordered all spicy dishes. Blame it on it being Friday night when I'm usually a bit brain dead and forgot to actually use my brain!

Kimchi pancake that comes served on a sizzling hot stone plate. This is a slight variation to the usual Seafood Korean pancake and in all honesty, the pancake didn't taste spicy at all (though some will contest otherwise when it comes to 'degrees of spiciness' and if you genuinely can not take spicy then probably best not to order).

Mini hot pot with tofu, cabbage and dumplings in a spicy soup served with a bowl of rice and assorted side dishes. This was probably my favourite of the night and a great warming dish for a chilly evening (pun intended!). Again, I didn't find it spicy but keep in mind that I eat quite hot.

Spicy Cold Noodles - a variation on the standard cold noodles and I really think that spicy is better. However, by the time this bowl got to the table, the boy and I were already quite full on the pancake and mini noodles and struggled to get to the bottom of this one.

Our waitress that night, who I think must be an owner, was ever so friendly and joked with us about how we could take spicy food when we ordered our dishes. It should've occurred to us at that point that everything we ordered was spicy but somehow or other, it took all the dishes to get to the table for the two of us to realise that all we'd ordered was chilli in some form or another. Ah well, I hear that chilli is meant to be good for your digestive system and actually increases your appetite! Anyway, I need to come back here and try some of their non-chilli dishes as by the end of the night, all I could taste was just chilli! I guess the downside of chilli is it does have a rather overpowering taste!


Lil said...

I've been craving some seafood pancake lately!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love spicy food too and always tend to order spicy things unknowingly! :P

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Hehe, I had Korean for dinner tonight! Ordered a mini hotpot which was described as 'not spicy' but saw all these red bits floating in it when it arrived =p

Von said...

Mmm....I love Korean food! hehe..I can't stand hot food though =S I wish I could though =( The bowl of noodles looks like a huge serving!

panda said...

lil - love seafood pancake, don't mind kimchi pancake either :)

lorraine - i nearly did it again the other night and had to stop myself from ordering a whole table of spicy food!

mademoiselle delicieuse - can you eat spicy? i actually like seeing the red bits cos then i know it'll be real spicy and not just pretend spicy :)

von- korean is my lastest food craze and i'm on a mission to get through all the ones in eastwood!