Thursday, 2 December 2010

le pain quotidien @ lvl 4, westfield sydney

I think most people have made their way over to the new Westfield to check it out and if you haven't, I'm sure you would've heard enough about it to make an effort to go or stay well away. On my first visit, I took a very brisk walk through the various levels and did two very memorable things: 1. had a raisin toast macaron (which was rather expensive at $3.50 a pop but very yummy and which I've subsequently recommended to others) and 2. spotted Le Pain Quotidien (where I bagged myself a jar of Rhubarb Jam just because and it is the best jam ever!). I had every intention to come back here to Le Pain Quotidien and when I had a day off work (just before my parent's went on holidays), I thought I'd take mum here to check it out. 

It's a little quiet inside on a weekday morning when everyone's at work but not that quiet - there's the sounds of drilling coming from outside where they are still building the Westfield.

Our coffees came in bowls. Mum was a tad confused and thought we'd ordered soup! The coffee was suitably strong and a great kickstart to the morning.

Mum went for the Egg Soldiers. Surprisingly the soldiers didn't come toasted and the dish came with a lot of extra bread.

I had this towering construction - a fruit, muesli and yoghurt parfait. The muesli was nice and crunchy, just wished the yoghurt was a slighly sweetened yoghurt.

These jams that were at the table came in nice and handy for all the bread that we had. I really do recommend their jam!

Mum and I pretty much had the whole place to ourselves (well, we were the only in house diners). There were plenty of people at the counter ordering coffees and pastries as they were making their way after the work (and by that point, it was surely after 9am!) There's a really good range of breakfast items on the menu, they serve lunch also and I believe dinner too (but didn't think there were that many dinner items on the menu). Great thing is that the place is set away from the main food court which is quite a hustle and bustle - much nicer sitting here. Only wish that I had more weekdays to enjoy a nice breakfast like this!


joey@FoodiePop said...

Looks good, but I'd stay away whilst the Christmas shopping rush is about to begin in earnest! Hehe.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I'm one of the sad people who haven't made it to the new Westfield yet. More than anything else, I think I'm most looking forward to checking out the food! =p

Mary said...

I haven't visited the new Westfield yet, but from the pictures I have seen, it looks super sleek and shiny. I definitely have to go try the baked goods (for research purposes of course!)

Food looks delicious, especially the parfait...a little impractical to serve a hot drink in a bowl. Weird.

mashi said...

Have always been a fan of le pain quotidien, usually dine at leichhardt. Glad to hear there's one in the new Westfield's complex.

Charm said...

I went to Le Pain Quotidien at St Pancras Station in London while waiting for the Eurostar. Their rhubarb jam was amazing! So pleased to know I can get it in Australia now!