Monday, 21 February 2011

eastwood korean restaurant @ rowe st., eastwood

I came here with my good friend Mashi for dinner one night and it ended up being such a good night (well when you put two hungry girls together who seem to be able to chat about just anything), we ended up leaving the place and forgetting our pancake which we were meant to takeaway. It was a rather good pancake too! Poor pancake, I really could've eaten you the next day!

Crazy talk aside, Eastwood Korean offers a good selection of side dishes to start the meal - a balance of spicy, sweet and ones that are neutral tasting to complement what you might order. My favourite side dish of all time is Kimchi (and I imagine it would be for most people too), I wonder why it doesn't come on a bigger plate?

We ordered the Spicy Sausage & Noodle Hotpot to share - it looks just like the one on the menu! I know it's a pack of 2 minute noodles on top but there's something so very enticing about it.

The hotpot could've adequately fed the two of us but an extra dish for a bit of variety never hurts. We managed to get through half of this and decided to take this one away. If only we remembered to take it away!

Here are the noodles cooked in the spicy soup - delicious!

Really enjoyed the meal and can see why the restaurant is always so packed out - food is fantastic and the service is quick. Actually quite surprised that we managed to get a table this time and well alas, we couldn't sit for too long as they were keen to clear up our table for the next as soon as we were done. Both of us were really intrigued by the big plates of fried chicken that the bigger tables nearby seemed to be ordering - well you'll know what I'll order the next time I'm here!


Lil said...

Where's this restaurant?
Mm I always love Korean Hot Pot!!

joey@FoodiePop said...

Poor pancakes indeed! LOL. Those are huge servings!

mashi said...

I have been dreaming about the pancake and hot pot ever since lol

Poor pancake =(

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Heh, the husband and I always like to order hotpots with noodles at Korean places. Perhaps it's the prospect of there being something to slurp up all the spicy delicious soupiness!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny!

Know what I love the most about Korean restaurants? Those awesome side dishes! It makes the meal that much more exciting I swear!