Wednesday, 23 February 2011

kazbah @ top ryde shopping centre

I was eagerly awaiting the opening of Kazbah at Top Ryde Shopping Centre and to mark their opening, they were offering 20% off meals in the month of January. The boy and I managed to check the place out in the last week of January (I'd momentarily forgot about Kazbah opening up and am now kicking myself for finding out so late cause I could've made much more use of that discount!) Anyway, it's open now and it's so much closer than the one in Balmain that I'm satisfied, really I am.

A berry frappe that was refreshing and a somewhat mini Iced Chocolate.  Don't ask me why but the boy has a weird addiction to ordering Iced Chocolates and chocolate milkshakes wherever he goes. 

There's the option of picking and ordering one dip served with bread or getting their whole selection of dips served with bread. Much more colourful ordering the latter! Within the bread basket are slices of toasted turkish bread, lebanese bread and the tastiest thing (after hot chips with chicken salt), fried lebanese bread! The bread was so very crunchy and tasty that I was tempted to send back the un-fried lebanese bread for them to make some more.

Tried to order a couple of things to try their menu. We had a goat tagine, fried lamb cutlets (which I highly recommend ordering) and a side of haloumi with lemon and rocket. Managed to get through all the food and everything was lovely as I thought it would be.

Admittedly, service was particularly slow that day. The restaurant wasn't that full, there were plenty of waitstaff and kitchen staff but food seemed to get to the table very slowly. Noticed that they were quite quick with the breakfast items but the mains just seemed to take forever. Can only guess that it's a new restaurant and everyone is still fumbling their way round trying to learn the ropes. There's 3 hours free parking at Top Ryde and both of us were quite surprised to find that after eating lunch, we'd already spent a good 2 hours (which is a rather long lunch!) Hopefully the next time I'm back,  it won't take quite so long!


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

So many colourful dips! I'd be quite happy munching on some bread just with that alone.

joey@FoodiePop said...

What a shame missing on that generous 20% discount.

OohLookBel said...

The Balmain Kazbah has slow service, too. Maybe it's a trademark? And I also love that fried bread with dip, mmm... lots of oil!