Wednesday, 31 August 2011

crumb italian kitchen & pizzeria @ majors bay rd., concord

My two eating hotspots at the moment are Concord and Gladesville. Both suburbs are meccas for good food, have plenty of street parking nearby and the quality of the food has been top notch! A few weekends ago, the boy and I headed off to Concord (we sort of alternate between Concord and Gladesville now) and after a short wander down the road, ducking into restaurants and checking out their menus, Crumb got our attention and we sat down for a yummy and somewhat large-portioned lunch.

I really should write down what I eat when I go to restaurants so I can at least blog about them properly but I always forget. Hopefully my descriptions are enticing enough for you to go check it out! Anyway, here's our calzone of tomato salsa, cheese and ham, served with a garnishing of rocket. It's twice the size of any calzone I've ever had. The crust was crisp and the filling very juicy, but did get cold quickly cause we just couldn't eat quick enough. Also, I think the menu said this was meant to have prosciutto but it's definitely ham (but good ham).

Penne Pasta with Prawns & Mushrooms with a tomato cream sauce (served with parmesan cheese). Really enjoyed this one and certainly wouldn't have minded eating this myself and not sharing with the boy!

Very quick and attentive service and sitting where we were, we could see the kitchen in action and these guys were quick. From order to table, I reckon it would've been about 15 minutes max. You could see the pizza dough being rolled and stretched; these guys have the art of it down pat!

The interior of the restaurant is classy. We didn't have any wine that day but the boy's eyes were wandering around the room admiring their wine collection (you see the boy knows these things cause he used to work at a liquor store. I, on the other hand, have no idea.) Maybe we'll come here next time and have a glass of wine too!


mashi said...

Yum, sounds like an awesome place. Pls take me?! haha

joey@FoodiePop said...

My parents live in the area so it's good to see some blogs about eateries around the Ryde/Concord area. Thanks!

Vivian - vxdollface said...

this is so close to home! mm that calzone looks super good and cheesy :D how was the pricing, $20ish?

panda said...

hey vivian! from memory it was about $20ish per person - definitely not too expensive.