Sunday, 28 August 2011

tudari korean bbq restaurant @ eastwood

I'm very close to being able to say that 'I've tried every single Korean restaurant in Eastwood'; recently adding Tudari Korean BBQ restaurant to the tried list. I guess this post is a little misleading, whilst a bbq restaurant, I didn't actually end up eating bbq, opting for one of their hotpots instead which was absolutely perfect for a cold night.

Korean side dishes are one of the things I look forward to to start a Korean meal. This place trumps them all in terms of the number of side dishes on offer; 14 in total. Free refills too and we didn't even need to wave down a waiter, they just came to the table and grabbed the empty dishes and replaced them. They're all tasty side dishes too save maybe for one (this one which had dried little fishies in it; the sight of their eyes always puts me off).

With the partitioning in between each table, there's plenty of privacy. Perfect for the boy and I as we ate our meal and sipped happily over our bottle of shochu, giggling away. The shabu shabu hotpot more than adequately fed the two of us as you can see. 

I couldn't help but order one of my favourite things in the world - dumplings! A larger serving than what I thought it would be but were very tasty. Could be that we were eating too slowly so the skin of the dumplings did dry out a little but we cleared the plate regardless. Actually, I think the boy and I always clear our dishes regardless of how full we are.

With a bottle of shochu between us to share, dinner only came to about $60 between the two of us which I thought was incredibly good value. Service was very friendly, the seating comfortable and with parking just outside the front door, there's really not much to put you off coming back. Even the boy didn't complain about the Korean BBQ smell which you tend to get from eating at Korean restaurants (regardless of whether you eat bbq or not), seemed like the restaurant was quite well ventilated. I never thought I'd comment on the ventilation of a restaurant but I have to say, I'm not a big fan of eating Korean when you know you'll go home smelling like barbequed meat!


Dolly said...

the dumplings look so prett..y. i was at jong jip on snday lols... mmh 9 side dishes omg gotta love tat!

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I smell like barbecue right now, after having bought a burger from a market stall =(

And 14 banchan is just massive!

Mary @ ohmykitchenaid said...

wow!!! this looks like a GREAT place to eat! I love dumplings too :)

Mary @ ohmykitchenaid said...

wow!!! this looks like a GREAT place to eat! I love dumplings too :)