Monday, 28 May 2007

the best chips in the world!

Red Rooster in Eastwood has been around for yonks and to this day, continue to serve the best chips in the world. I'm serious. This is probably the one thing I'd recommend anyone hanging around Eastwood to try and for those that I've managed to convince, they have not regretted it. If you're thinking 'franchise way!' let me tell you that this not your ordinary franchise. Unfortunately, your Red Rooster coupons can't be used as this is one of those stores which hold the franchise name but are not really part of the franchise. As far as I know, it's been owned by a Greek family since the early 90s and continues to be a hot spot for locals.

You'll find queues starting from about 11am continuing to about 2pm, 3.30pm after school, and then a fresh queue of faces between 5 and 7pm. It's frequented by local office workers, construction workers, school-kids, kids going tutoring, other business owners, you name it. Their snack pack is one of their major selling points although it has gone up in price noticeably over the years ($4.20). Their chips are infamous as are their whole chickens (although I'm not much of a roast chicken fan to say). If someone where to count the number of chips which I've eaten from this place, they would freak. I tell you...too many and I'm still eating. By the way, they sell the nicest concoction of chicken salt which you can buy for about $4 (the only problem being that it has a tendency to clump up when you keep it at home).

Anyway, I managed to convince J to have chips for lunch on Sunday. We even called up to make sure it was open. For those interested, they're open 7 days but only till 2pm on Sundays. (If you haven't noticed already, I always have chips with my meals and up against all your leading restaurants across Sydney, these are definitely the best!) Let me know if you're around Eastwood and have the craving for chips, it's my shout!


Amy said...

it's owned by my year 5 and year 6 friend aris and his family

i don't think he'll remember me but yeh... the chips are def a eastwood "signature" dish

Kenneth said...

there's a red rooster in eastwood!!?

take me there please next time...i have craved for red rooster for ages!!

just have a red rooster lunch some time.

panda said...

haha...when you're free, let me know. red rooster is on me!

Joanna said...

ohhh, chips!

is it the one next to the station? there's this great smell of bbq chicken when i used to catch the 7:55am train (stomach was alreay growling ~ LOL).

p.s. i have posted an entry on blogger :)

panda said... rooster is on rowe street, near the school. but i know the takeway place which you're talking about; always smells good but i haven't actually tried it out.

anyway, keep posting on your blog! just visited and left a comment

char said...

how funny i've been craving hot chips for awhile... now i really want to have some ><

panda said...

hehe...char, make sure you try red rooster in eastwood!