Sunday, 3 June 2007


Through work, friends of friends and the most random of situations, I've had the opportunity to meet some extremely creative and talented people. For the two months or so that I've been working full-time, I still have trouble keeping my jaw from dropping when I see some new stuff that comes through the studio. I was in awe the first time I sat down for a brainstorm session and one of the creative guys just pulled ideas out of his head and put them onto paper. Wish I could do that too. [Might I add, creativity isn't everything. My job (in a nutshell) is to make creative ideas happen and whilst most of the time they do; the work in progress bit of it really sucks and common sense no longer becomes common sense. Don't start would take me days to elaborate.]

So anyway, this weekend I went to check out a little jewellery 'do' which was held by a girl called Cynthia who I've randomly met through a friend awhile ago. To put it simply, this girl makes the most amazing jewellery! I've bought a fair few of her pieces (even though I don't even wear that much jewellery!) and really, she comes up with such fresh concepts each season, it's hard not to buy something just out of whim. Just check out her branding, it's awesome! (simple and effective!) She'd sent out invites a few weeks back inviting everyone over to her place for a massive jewellery clearance sale as well as preview of her winter collection. Turns out I knew a few more of her friends and ended up spending Saturday afternoon over at her place catching up with these people. In the midst of it, we picked out pieces of jewellery and commented on each other's choices. I was told that I was a clear bargain hunter. Check out the pieces I picked out; all for just $17.50! The ring was a crazy last minute thing but very Anna Sui (hehe..I'm a big fan of Anna Sui if you didn't know).

Keep up the great work Cynthia!

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