Monday, 29 December 2008

cafe create @ anderson st., chatswood

It hit me mid conversation yesterday that there's only 4 months to go till A's wedding - where on earth did the time go?! Once upon a time, there was still an entire year but with four months to go, there seems to be quite a lot to do! And well, there's definitely plenty for me to do and there's no surprise that I've been procrastinating a little (it's become a bit of a habit of mine). A - promise you that I'll pick up my act, you deserve the best wedding in the world!

Anyway, the update is that the bridesmaids are still looking for a dress. The guys have sorted themselves out as has the bride. The reality is that it's not that easy trying to find a dress/es for 3 girls - fingers crossed that we'll find one soon. was after a morning of trying on dresses that A, her sis and myself sat down for some brunch/lunch. Her sis and I are two of the 3 bridesmaids. Here's to a large mug of coffee! It's unbelievingly tiring trying on dresses!
As I'd woken up just in time to get picked up by A and her sis that morning, I opted for breakfast - poached eggs on toast. As I lack the ability to poach an egg, everywhere I go and have poached eggs, they are always good!
A goes for a burger - I'd say that bridesmaid dress shopping is even more tiring for the bride-to-be.J&J. I use to work with this girl and she is the sweetest girl alive!
Food was definitely well received after a morning of trying on dresses. You find that with formal dresses, you subconsciously start sucking your tummy in and just how these dresses are cut, they are really not for eating and I start to worry that there won't be much eating down in the days upcoming and on the actual wedding day. Hmm... I know, it's not my day so I shouldn't be complaining. Countdown to A's wedding has truly begun!

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