Sunday, 21 December 2008

pho sam (again!)

J&I made our way over to Pho Sam again in Epping. J's been about a billion times and yet remains just as excited as ever (see pic below). This was my second time and I was looking forward to it (last time I had the Crispy Chicken Tomato Rice) and was particularly looking forward to trying a few other things on their menu.

J being silly.
Prawn Rice Paper Rolls. The sauce is awesome (I would throw in a handful of fresh cut chillis to give it even more bite) but unfortunately, I've had better Rice Paper Rolls - I'd say that I could wrap these ones up nicer too!
The highlight of the day was the Iced Coffee. J recommended it saying it was particularly strong (I'm love strong coffee!) When it came to the table, I was slightly boggled - out comes a percolator sitting on top of a glass holding a serve of condensed milk. On the side was a glass of ice.
J explains that you need to wait till the coffee finishes 'percolating/dripping' into the glass. Then you mix up up the coffee and condensed milk. It's also crucial that you mix it else it's much harder to mix when you've poured it your glass of ice.
Pour the coffee & condensed milk mixture into the glass of ice (Take care as the coffee has a tendency to splash everywhere. I had coffee splashing out of the glass on the clean sauce dishes that were stacked on the side of the table. I don't think the waitress was all too impressed and came by to take some things away. Might I add, the coffee percolator also leaves a bit of a mess as even though the coffee has stopped dripping, you've still got a bit of the residue which keeps oozing coffee and leaving coffee on the table - argh!). After that, sip away! I agree with J, it's a good strong coffee.Once again, J had this Special Pho noodles (honestly I think that is all he eats whenever we eat Viet). I thought I'd I try the Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli. I liked this but it seems to be a smaller serving than the noodles and the crispy chicken I had last time.
Definitely recommend anyone heading over to Epping to try Pho Sam and in particular, try their Iced Coffee - it's quite an experience! And well, now that you've heard it from me, you'll probably make less of a mess! I still think their pho noodles and crispy chicken tomato rice are the meals of choice but the vermicelli is definitely an option for a hot day. Anyway, sure to be back soon to try more things on their menu!

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