Monday, 29 December 2008

pasta bee @ hannah st., beecroft

For my b'day, J got me a facial/massage pamper package at Emma's Secret (a.k.a. Urban Spa) in Beecroft. Being a Saturday and having had my work X'mas party the night before, I woke up just in time to grab some lunch before my booking at 2pm. Lacking inspiration for what to eat in my suburb, we thought we'd eat in Beecroft and decided on a place called Pasta Bee.

A friend had mentioned this place awhile back saying it was a neat little place for coffee and light meals. I don't usually hang around Beecroft but having tried the place, I definitely would consider heading out that way, even if it's just to visit this cafe. The food was fresh, good coffee and an abundance of magazines to browse through whilst waiting. It' my ideal way to spend the weekend!

Our coffees.
My B.L.T. - I love bacon!
J goes for the lamb burger which was juicy and full of flavour. The damper rolls were definitely a good match - they're much tastier and less filling than your regular burger buns.

I loved the fact that the food was so simply presented, full of flavour, fresh and so visually appealling. It might not seem like much on the plate but once you're through eating, I guarantee you that you will be full. I struggled with mine and J ended up eating about 1/3 of my meal on top of his. Trust me - he was satisfied! Atmosphere inside the cafe is fantastic - you almost forget quite where you are. Might I add, there's plenty of handmade cakes and bakes at the counter to squizz at and really, it was the perfect lunch before an even more relaxing afternoon getting pampered!


chocolatesuze said...

hehe ahhh bigger photos! hope you have an awesome nye dude!

Joanna said...

*boggles at BLT*

me want one too ;)

panda said...

suze - yep it's bigger photos from now on. happy new year girl!

jo - we were talking about getting together for food. it's already the new year! let me know when is a good time for you :P