Friday, 6 February 2009

bacon & egg rolls (adapted from bill granger's holiday)

I've been telling myself to do a little more cooking at home - and frankly, it's not a bad idea considering the number of recipes and books that have accumulated over the last couple of years. I forget when this whole food thing started but just the other day, J looked at my bookshelf and my floor and commented that I surely should have enough. He knows I like buying cookbooks but to see all the cookbooks together (you see, there's a pile that doesn't quite fit on the shelf so I've had to stack them in one pile and now it's pretty much table height and well....then that's not the only pile...), it's growing into a sizeable collection, to say the least.

One of my favourite chefs is probably Bill Granger. Time and time again, I find myself gravitating to his books looking for a recipe to use. I find that his recipes are simple, easy to follow and will guarantee a great-tasting and healthy meal. And so far, so good - there's not one complaint I have about Bill.

Here's to the weekend - A Bacon & Egg Roll (Rindless short bacon, scrambled eggs with rocket). Bill's recipe has it served with a tomato relish which there's also a recipe for in 'Holiday'.
I have an easier solution - a good dollop of tomato sauce!
J complained that I used rindless short bacon and that the bacon & egg roll wasn't fatty enough (and also, why didn't I make two for him). Boys...

Could it be that the added rocket makes the 'bacon & egg roll' healthy? This had to be healthiest bacon & egg roll that I'd ever tasted! I finished it comfortably full - no signs of the greasiness that follows after eating bacon and no, this meal wasn't for the purposes of soaking up a big night. Actually, it was a random craving for bacon meaning that we had these rolls for lunch (not breakfast - Bill has it as a breakfast meal which I think is just as good served at lunch time!)

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