Sunday, 8 February 2009

fetuccine with peas & lemon (adapted from bill granger's 'holiday')

I've been wanting to watch Bill's Holiday on Thursdays (Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel) but when Thursdays come around, I find myself caught up in something or other and by the time I manage to sit in front of the TV, the show is already over and I make the mental note to watch it next week and never do. History repeats itself. Managed to catch about 5 minutes of the show tonight and well, fortunately, this month's delicious has a teaser CD of Bill's Holiday - maybe that will get me through till next week.

Awhile back, tried another one of Bill's recipes (from Bill's Holiday - the cookbook). His recipe was 'Tagliatelle with Fresh Peas and Lemon". In the absence of tagliatelle, I substituted it with a pantry staple - fetuccine. And well, I have no idea where you can get your hands on fresh peas and having watched many episodes of Nigella who calls herself the 'Pea Queen', I figured frozen peas would do the trick. They did.

Overall comments - this recipe is tasty when eaten fresh. Not so good when you try to reheat in the microwave (so unfortunately not a recipe you can cook in advance and bring to work for lunch). When you reheat, the peas cook a lot faster than the pasta and by the time you get both items cooked, the pasta is probably good but the peas are no good - which makes for a very unsatisfying lunch. Nonetheless, this recipe leaves me intrigued and if anyone could tell me where I could get my hands on fresh peas, that would be great!


char said...

sounds yum! fresh peas - i guess you'll have to pick them out of the pods yourself? no idea !

panda said...

highly recommend you try bill granger's recipes - they're easy to follow and the food tastes great.

to be honest, shelling pods for peas sounds like a lot of effort!