Sunday, 11 May 2008

doyles @ sydney fish markets

The background to this post in a nutshell- Dad bought a kick arse new barbeque and J&I thought we'd head to the fish markets to grab some seafood for a family gathering. The choice of Doyles came about as J discussed with me (in all seriousness) how expensive the parking was. Admittedly, I baulked too, $2 for the first hour (reasonable) but then $5 for every half hour?? We made decision then and there that we may as well treat ourselves to a nice meal and settled for Doyles.

Perusing the menu, I was incredibly tempted to go for the Seafood Platter (and seeing it delivered to a table nearby, it was definitely my No. 1 choice). Then I was kindly reminded by J that a) There were only two of us, b) The table with the Seafood Platter were sharing it amongst 4 and c) We were going to buy seafood anyway for cooking that night. Fine...

Sitting outside at Doyles.
Bread to start the meal. Assorted Starters: Jumbo Prawns, Salt & Pepper Calamari and BBQ Baby Octopus. Whilst the Jumbo Prawns weren't quite as jumbo as I thought they would be, they were delicious and I'm still trying to work out what was in that dipping sauce.
Doyles Famous Fish and Chips. Admittedly, a gigantic serving!
J&I @ Doyles!
To be honest, whilst it was nice to have a nice and relaxing lunch (with waiters in attendance, clean cutlery, clean plates, and the last bit of sunlight for the day high up in the sky), I think I actually prefer mingling in with the crowds when it comes to eating at the fish markets. After lunch, we were pushing our way through the various fish stalls to find all our seafood and it was great to see people with their seafood platters piled high; scrambling to get a seat and dig in. And well, it is a lot cheaper! Man, the oysters and salmon sashimi we bought for home were sooooo good!


Joanna said...

apparently they opened a yum cha place at the fish markets....

panda said...

jo - you serious? that sounds rather bizarre!!