Saturday, 17 May 2008

introducing the new bbq

BBQs are quite a thing in my family. We've gone from the good old (not red) but black Weber, to one of those big outdoor BBQs, to the funky gas-powered Weber and now finally, a slick black outdoor BBQ (and this one really does top the cake!) Dad happened to find this one on sale at Myer; bought even cheaper because it was the last one on the floor.

The new bbq with way too many accessories (dad went on a bit of a shopping spree). But as you can see, dad still likes the good old Weber (BBQ HK style with the forks) and he insisted on having both on that night.
J&I had been at the fish markets and came home with oysters and salmon sashimi. My gosh, I am never going to buy oysters or salmon sashimi from anywhere else - it's so much fresher (and might I add cheaper bought direct from the fish markets).
The first burgers came off the BBQ and into the mouthes of my cousins. Tops to Andrew! You are quite the budding chef!
My attempt at garlic and butter big-headed prawns. Not bad at all!
Food for two BBQs + more. There was so much food left over that we had another BBQ the next week. Admittedly, we all got a tad excited about the new BBQ joining the family.
And well, now we've definitely got way too many BBQs at home - it almost seems like we're starting a collection of them! I agree with Dad though, and I probably still prefer the old Weber and HK style of bbqing with the forks - a lot more flavour to the food and food that gets enjoyed over time. With the new BBQ, food gets cooked up in a flash and in some cases, temperature is also hard to control. Might I add, the new one is definitely a bummer to clean.


Bean Sprout said...

hi....on Thursday nite..I saw u were walking on the George st. with umbrella..hehe

It was raining..i was walking with my friend who read ur blog also....then i was like ''ahhhhhhh...'' when saw u walked pass by... and quickly told my friend..."Panda & Cakes" ^ ^

panda said...

you should've come up and said hello! make sure you do that next time : )