Thursday, 7 August 2008

blackcurrant macaroons @ lindt cafe

I was very excited to come home the other night with mum telling me she had a surprise for me and that this little surprise came in a little white box. I wandered what it was and hello and behold, inside the little white box were 6 macaroons from Lindt Cafe - and of these flavours was one particularly new one, Blackcurrant which happened to be the first to get eaten :P When I say that I was excited, I was just short of jumping up and down and acting like a crazy woman - as those close to me will know. You see, I've asked J a couple of times since he started working (he works near a Lindt Cafe) to get me a few macaroons and almost 2 or more years later, I'm still waiting. *tsk tsk*

Apparently there was a 2 for 1 coupon in one of the magazines they hand out up at Wynyard - mum bought 6 for the price of 4. I reckon she could've bought more : )
All the flavours: Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Strawberry, 70% Chocolate, Pistachio and I'm not quite sure what the last one is (bottom right) - tasted a little like caramel.Enjoyed with one of my favourite reads and a cup of green tea.
I remember reading Suze's blog where she was comparing the merits of the macaroons at Lindt and those at Adriano Zumbo. Personally, I don't mind both - Zumbo is definitely a lot more creative and his macaroons are rich in flavour and texture but the selection changes daily so you'll miss out on flavours if you're not there one day. Lindt offers quite an expansive and consistent selection of macaroons (and looks like it's expanding!!) which if you frequent on a regular basis, you know you'll have your favourite flavour sitting there waiting for you. Although to be honest, I do look forward to my visits to Zumbo more than I do to Lindt (but then again, for reasons quite beyond macaroons and hence the debate of Zumbo Vs Lindt Macaroons isn't quite resolved...hmm...) Down to the vanilla macaroon now!


Bean Sprout said...

last night is my fist time making Macaroon...appearance is quite ok just it is very sweet for me...I will try to make again...

and of course, will find a chance to go to Adriano Zumbo sad it is no more Miss Maple T_T

panda said...

i know! i'm so sad there there isn't Miss Maple anymore - that was my favourite!!!

let me know if you find a good recipe for macaroons - i really want to learn how to make them :P i tried once but couldn't get it to bake nicely...and if you don't eat them, i can eat them for you :D

Lady Macaron said...

Yes Adriano Zumbo is good, he experiments with his flavours. Do check out Cupcake Family in QV, they will be selling macarons soon early oct. Great authentic french macarons!

anastasiastarz said...

The bottom right one is passion-fruit.