Sunday, 3 August 2008

creamy mushroom & prosciutto pasta

There's been a few cookbook additions to my bookshelf last month and well, they're not really sitting on the bookshelf anymore (cause the bookshelf has been full since the start of the year? and now I've resorted to stacking them in piles and they're slowly forming a little wall around my desk and covering the actual wall where I've had to lean them against to stop them from falling over). There's actually some method to the madness - I still know where everything is and somehow the piles have managed to keep nice and tidy; mum occasionally pops in to borrow reading material and everytime she does, I know exactly which book has gone missing. I'm going to have to sort through it soon though (which means chucking out a lot of the mess I've been nesting for the last 20 or so years).

This is a recipe from Bill Granger's 'Everyday' which I experimented with today - Creamy Musroom & Prosciutto Pasta. Found the Prosciutto in my local Supafresh and lined up a good 15-20minutes in the Sunday queues to pay for it. Was worth it in the end as it gave the pasta a much more intense flavour and what I felt, was superior to bacon (and less fattening too!)
J was over and was the first to taste test. He gave it the thumbs up and gobbled up two plates. Next time I'll remember to toss the shaved parmasen through the pasta rather than garnish on the top (J's comment was that the parmasen was too cold).
N.B. The parsley is home grown and is superb tossed through the pasta! I need to cook more - my parsley plant is growing all over the place with parsley (thanks to mum's love and care).
So you probably would've gathered that Bill Granger's 'Everyday' is one of the cookbook additions to my collection; I've slobbered over this book and finally resolved to buy it and now that I've bought it, I'm resolved to have a go at each of the recipes inside it (they all look so tempting and even better, bill makes it so simple to have a go). Next post will be his Mixed Berry Muffins which hadn't been too sweet but great as an afternoon snack. Oh, and by the way, I'm reading a copy of Julie & Julia which I got from the station for $2.95 - and I'm getting the urges to start a project like hers (esp. with a cookbook like Everyday!! :P)


char said...

hm... i think the comment i just posted disappeared :p

just wanted to say looks good ! :)

panda said...

hmm bizarre...i've been having trouble posting comments on your blog too but will keep trying

i got your request from justin about seeing pics of my bookshelf - will get around to posting about my bookshelf soon:P

let me know if you want the recipe - it's heap easy!