Sunday, 27 July 2008

i love blueberry bagels!!!

Saturday 2pm, hungry and in search of food, J&I found ourselves outside Coles at Chatswood and looking into the glass cabinets of Iconic Cafe for a bite to eat. There were assorted muffins, friands, and sandwiches (the latter being a more sensible choice of lunch) but my eyes had already scanned the items and settled on the 4 purple bagels which were sitting next to the cupcakes (which had I been more rash, would've happily settled for as food). One of those blueberry bagels please!

FYI: I am perhaps the only person who brings blueberry bagels to work and each morning that I do, I have caused a sensation in the office kitchen. If you haven't done so already, I encourage you to toast a blueberry bagel and get a waft of the lovely smells which come out of this little 'donut-looking like thing'. GJs (on the occasion) serve up a rather nice Blueberry Bagel but otherwise, I've generally settled for the ones at the supermarket (which come in a bag of 4) and are lovely for bringing to work.

Lunch @ Iconic Cafe. Arguably the best bagel I've had ever. Not only was this little thing infectiously purple in colour, it was soft in texture, sweet enough to be healthy and was great served with cream cheese and jam. Hmph....J eats half of it (despite it being my lunch).

Was going to get a coffee and noticed that they had a Green Tea Latte on their menu. Can still remember the ones I had in Japan and well 'a green tea latte for me please!!') Unfortunately, it wasn't quite the taste that I was after.

I'll return for their cupcakes and the chocolate one in particular :P J needs to learn not to eat half of what I eat (he said he already had lunch!) Another new discovery was Amos cookies next door where they were handing out free cookies and which I naturally gravitated towards once done with my latte (at which point J just laughed). J laughed even more when I complained that 'Geez, these cookies are awfully small' to which the girl handing out the cookies replied 'These are just for sampling, the ones you buy are actually bigger'. Hmph...J should also learn to stop laughing at me.

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