Sunday, 13 July 2008

sapporo @ willoughby rd., crows nest

My friend A organised dinner for the 'gang' at Sapporo in Crows Nest (albeit another Jap restaurant to add to the list of Jap restaurants I can say I've been to now - hehe, I admit; I probably have some addiction to Jap food). It was an early dinner that night and A had taken the liberty of pre-ordering the Sumo Hot Pot for everyone which I was quite surprised, arrived just as promptly as the first 4 of us took our seats.

P, E, J & I carpooled and were the first to get there. J looks pretty tough and P looks like he's poking J with a chopstick? Anyway, there's the food that comes with the Sumo Hot Pot. I still can't quite work out what goes in the actual soup (it's almost like the soup you get when you eat Lamb Hot Pot but not quite - anyhow, it was nice and warming and great for a cold night.) Most of us at the table got ourselves a 680ml Asahi. Pour effort from me, I needed help finishing mine.
Down our end of the table, we ordered a serve of JFC (Japanese Fried Chicken) which I thought was a rather suiting name.
One very expensive and strange skewer. Chicken Skin wrapped around cloves of garlic. It wasn't bad but a rather strange dish indeed.
Given we'd booked quite late in the week and there was a Rugby game on that night which people were there at the restaurant for (basically they have projection screens both inside and outside screening the game), we were booted out of the restaurant by 7.30 (the bill came promptly as the time drew near). Next stop Chatswood for San Churros where the boys got a little silly.

Thanks to A for organising dinner and definitely a good choice!

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