Tuesday, 8 July 2008

meat & wine co. @ darling harbour

A couple of weeks back, 8 of us were at dinner @ Meat & Wine Co. (just next to the Imax Theatre at Darling Harbour and only a short walk away to the show we were going to later that night). I've been here a handful of times now and food here has been consistently good and I would highly recommend as a place for group dinners. Some snaps from the night:

E wanted the Haloumi which turned out a little too small to share (but was nonetheless fantastic - the first time I've tasted haloumi!)
Mixed bread platter with more than enough slices of garlic bread, herb bread and bruschetta to go around the table.
J reckons he looks good in this photo!
My dinner: 300g rump with peppercorn sauce. Of the sauces they have here, peppercorn is probably my favourite followed by Vodka & Blue Cheese.
J's 500g Waqyu with Portugese Sauce (which reminded me a lot of Oporto's). Personally, for the price you pay, I think the Rump is a more decent feed.
Salt grinder malfunction - the whole container of salt crystals comes tumbling down onto E's plate! It did however season the rather bland salad they use to dress the plates.
With 2 bottles of wine for the table, it ended up being a rather pricey meal @ $60pp. There was no time for dessert as after dinner, it was a mad dash to get over to the Lyric Theatre. It's a shame though...looks like they no longer have the Chai Creme Brulee which had been terrific the last time I had it there. Boo...in place they have just a Plain Vanilla Creme Brulee!

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