Saturday, 12 July 2008

pancakes on the rocks @ darling harbour

I've noticed lately that my taste buds have changed; things that I use to love are now only merely passable, things that I wouldn't have batted an eyelid for back then are now being looked at in a completely different light. It's a little strange at times because I find myself disappointed yet at the same time amazed by the new discoveries I make - dammit I think I'm getting old!

Anyway, after Phantom of the Opera on a Saturday night (great show and highly, highly recommend people to go see - and hopefully you will have better luck and have Anthony Warlow as Phantom, although Simon Pryce makes for a good Phantom too), the 8 of us who went to the show squeezed into a booth at Pancakes on the Rocks (the one at Darling Harbour).

Strawberry Stack? (I think that's what it's called). I had a bite and found myself rather disappointed. I used to love the fluffiness of the pancakes at Pancakes on the Rocks but that one bite found these pancakes to be way to cakey and dense for my liking.
J&I with P on the side. We'd all dressed up nicely for the show :D
Across the table: K&M.
According to the menu, this was called a 'Marshmallow Cocoa'. When I said exactly this, the waiter responds with 'You want a Hot Chocolate right?' Hmm...
A funny shot. Look at K's face!!
Will possibly head back to Pancakes to use up the voucher that's in the Entertainment Book (why is it that I never have the right vouchers with me?!) and probably use it on their Beef Ribs. But yeah, looks like I've grown out of the pancakes here which is a real shame. Argh and what's with the service here? All our meals came before our drinks and it took (what seemed like) forever to get some water to our table...tsk tsk...

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