Sunday, 13 July 2008

fundamental fish + adriano zumbo @ darling st., balmain

Very fortunately, I found myself in Balmain the day after Adriano Zumbo launched their new cake collection (well it was either that or the Rocks Aroma Coffee Festival which well, when you put them together, doesn't make for a very hard choice). I think J was laughing on the inside because for the entire week, I'd been urging him to go to the coffee festival but when it came down the to Sunday, I opted for the trip to Balmain so we didn't have to drive as far (and yes, petrol is expensive these days!).

First up was lunch (J claimed he was hungry) but to be honest, whenever Zumbo is in sight, I could easily pass on lunch and get straight to dessert. Anyhow, I generally don't complain about food so lunch was fine (and well, our choice of lunch was close enough for my liking - just a short walk away from the doors of Zumbo).

We were looking for a place that looked nice and Fundamental Fish just happened to suit that description and to our luck also, they were in the Entertainment Book with a 25% discount. Yay! I had the salmon steak served Japanese style with soy sauce and wasabi.One of the specials on Sunday - Sword Fish Steak served over a bed of risotto.Wedges with (too little) Sweet Chilli Sauce & Sour Cream but otherwise yum.Lovely lovely macaroons - an exotic selection of flavours; Lime & Basil, Earl Grey and Rice Pudding. Each equally as nice and tasty as the other.
The selection of cakes that day - Cherry Cherry, Open Sesame, Petit St. Honore and Storm Cloud (Miss Marple is still my favourite but gone in the interim and replaced by a Miss Marple Tart which didn't look anywhere near as nice.) Boo!
Again, J had to pull me out of the store as I could've stayed there all day gushing over the cakes. I think the boy behind the counter thought I was a little crazy because a) it took me ages to decide, b) when he asked me what type of cake I liked e.g. nuts, chocolate, fruity flavoured, I responded with chocolate but then when I picked out my cakes, none of them had chocolate in them, and c) Even to the point when I was paying, I still looked like I wanted to get more cakes and wouldn't leave the store.

On the window, I saw the notice that they were looking for full time staff, I pointed and J just looked at me and shook his head and asked, 'What would you do if you worked there?.... Eat cake?' What's wrong with eating cake?


Joanna said...

oooh i found out that there's a cupcake shop on Pitt Street near Ted's Camera around 317 Pitt Street? Have u tried that before?

panda said...

is it cupcakes on pitt? or has a new one opened up?! (*grins*) i still haven't managed to go to cupcakes on pitt since they downsized their cupcakes and made them cheaper...have u?

Joanna said...

Hmm... that might be it. I'll double check next time I go around there :) the cupcakes/cakes looked heavenly.... enticement for gluttony ;)

Joanna said...

hey jenny, it IS cupcakes on pitt. I passed by it again today. they look really good :)

panda said...

hehe..did you buy any? any particularly interesting flavours they've launched?

otherwise, hey, what's happened to your blog? are you still keeping one jo?

Joanna said...

sadly, I didn't buy any because I was kinda rushed for a meet up in circular quay. so maybe next time :) by the way, I heard there's another one on George Street near Dymocks? I have yet to check out that one.

Yeah I still have a blog. It's

Come and visit ;)