Saturday, 12 July 2008

sugar magic: lesson 16

It's been a little bit of a struggle this second semester to get to class (with cold nights, rain and not being able to get out of work on time being the main contributing factors). Nonetheless, after 8 weeks, I managed to attend all classes and build, ice and decorate a cake from scratch. And allow me to boast, I reckon I did a rather good job!

The finished product. What you see is a fruit cake with layers of almond icing and fondant topped with a spray of carnations, sweet peas and magnolia buds.
The teacher complimented me on my cake and at the same time, called me daring. In all her years of cake decorating, she never considered or recommended anyone to use black ribbon. And well, my cake did stand out from the others - most of my classmates had used organza ribbon in hues of whites and pinks.If you look closely, you'll see the imperfections but at a distance, this cake looks rather darn hot! Over the 8 weeks, Margaret kept reminding us that no one really looks up close at a cake (people generally look at the whole thing so we shouldn't worry too much about the little things that people generally wouldn't notice.)
And well, now the cake's sitting at home looking way to pretty too be cut up and eaten (apparently fruit cake can last for a long time! Personally, I'm a bit skeptical of this and might I add, the amount of sugar that went into this does gross me out a little). I've been trying to convince mum to empty her glass case where she puts her crystals and vases so I can put my cake in there to display - she keeps saying no. Dad then keeps turning on the heater where I put my cake; what am I going to do with my lovely cake?


char said...

the black is bold but i like !

i have to admit i'm not a fan of fruit cake, but yes to it lasting ages - that's why it's used as the top tier of wedding cakes, so that you can save it for your 1 year anniversary to cut and eat :P

panda said...

hehehe...thank you!

urgh...1 year old cake really doesn't appeal to me. although, to be able to keep a cake and eat it one year on does have sentimental value :P

Mandy said...

I was procrastinating and out of curiousity, entered my xanga site for the first time in a year. I was rather surprised to see that it was still there and hadn't closed then. THEN, out of even more curiousity, I decided to see if my fellow mates have kept up their sites after facebook came and swept everyone up. I was rather surprised that you have continued to keep up the blogging and rather pleased too =) I see that you've been busy achieving great things. that cake looks BEAUTIFUL!! didn't kno you had taken up classes again (same or different). either way, looks like you're having fun and I am, feeling a tad jealous...heh. Considering my baking days seem to have been put on hold until after peak season =/ woot to baking! =D

panda said...

i go through phases of blogging - sometimes you won't hear from me for weeks but yeah, i spose i've managed to keep up this little blog of mine :P i haven't really advertised it round and really, people who visit my blog are other people who have kept up blogging.

thanks for the compliment on the cake! hehe...actually quite proud of it (despite how long it took to build it together). anyway, i'm back with classes starting tmr so will keep you posted!

all the best with CA!