Monday, 7 July 2008

pepper lunch @ george st., city

Another Thursday night, another late night at work for both J&I meant another Jap dinner in the city (I know - I said I would eat other things but again we headed up to Din Tai Fung; and this time we didn't even need to walk up close to the restaurant to know that the same queue was there and wasn't going to go away anytime soon). This time we went across the road from World Square to check out Pepper Lunch (which we'd heard a number of positive reviews).

How best to describe Pepper Launch - it's more or less Japanese fast food. Within minutes of ordering, J's order comes out on a sizzling hot plate. Instructions are printed on the side of the paper which surrounds the hot plate telling you how best to enjoy your meal.
My Unagi Rice. I preferred this one over J's order which ended up being bland and tasting like cooked pieces of meat. Anyway, apparently in the middle of the rice I had is a lump of butter which they encourage you to mix through when your meal gets to your table. I couldn't really taste the difference but nonetheless, the unagi is definitely a good choice if you are visiting this place for the first time.
The meals come with soft drink which go rather well with food served on a hot plate. J looks funny in this photo - almost like he's posing :D
Surprisingly, walking out of the restaurant, you don't end up smelling too much like your meal. To be honest, we both weren't that full after our respective meals and J had contemplated a KFC 2 piece feed just up the road. Price is reasonable @$15 per person that night. On the whole an interesting concept, food gets served quickly but probably not enough to draw me back in.

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