Saturday, 9 August 2008

sugar magic: lesson 18

Whilst at the bus stop after class, waiting to get picked up, I thought I'd take a snap of the flowers I'm making this term (in the pic above, there's jonquil centres, hibiscus centres, correa buds, correa flowers, corea centres and calla lily centres). It's not all that exciting at the moment but hopefully after another 6 weeks, I'll be making a bouquet out of those flowers and fingers crossed - it'll look as nice or even better than my cake last term!

One of the girls I met last semester was saying how great it is to come to class and not have to think about anything else. I agree completely and it's great that for 2 hours a week, my mind is taken off thinking about everything else and just concentrating on that one thing - that piece of modelling fondant in my hands which I need to move reasonably quickly with and make that flower before the cold air and the fact that it's in my hands, dries it out. Oh...occasionally there will be the cursing and and the 'damns!" when not all goes to plan (in which case you start again) but otherwise, it's a lot of fun and I hope, developing me into a cake decorating pro!

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