Sunday, 14 September 2008

the great bagel company @ mac. centre

Mac Centre is generally where you'll find me on a weekend when I need to head to the shops and can't be bothered going far. It's not a bad shopping centre and really, I love it for the fact that it's so close and I actually manage to park in the carpark without too many dramas. More recently, I've loved it for the new retailers they've brought in and some of my fave stores are within easy reach - including T2, T2 teahouse, Borders and a fave of late, The Great Bagel Company for bagels!

This particular weekend, J&I decided to have bagels for lunch and managed to squeeze ourselves into a booth with the comfy cushion seats. Yay!
The best Blueberry Smoothie in the world! J reckons it matches my top. hmmm...
I had the BLAT Bagel with a serve of onion rings. The onions rings don't look like much but they were so addictively sweet and tasty; and were grabbed by the handfuls that it didn't take very long to finish.
J's Burger Bagel with Curly Fries. Loved both! (Yes, I eat not only my serve but J's too when we go out and eat - he also has a bit of mine)

Some retail therapy after our bagels. Found the panda bin at Howard's Storage World! It's so cute that I haven't been able to bring myself to use it. Finally resolved to buying a tin of English Breakfast @ T2 - was spending way too much money during the week getting it at Bourke St. bakery en route to work.
Back to bagels, there's actually quite a few on their menu to try. Not only that, they've actually got quite a lot of drinks, breakfast items, soups in a bun and so forth - it's not just about bagels! Been here twice now and so far, so good. Prices are reasonable and the meal is definitely more enjoyable when you grab yourself a booth.

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