Sunday, 14 September 2008

makoto @ liverpool st., sydney

This was another one of those Thursday night dinners which to be honest, I actually quite enjoy - more or less it's the lead up to the weekend; just another day at work before 2 days off. Ok... maybe when I get home late I'm a little cranky on Friday esp. when there's still a lot of work to get through and I haven't had much sleep but nonetheless, there's a nice vibe happening on Thursday night with people out at the shops and like myself, hungrily anticipating the weekend and heralding it with a nice meal.

It'd been awhile since I'd been to Makoto in the city. Actually, after the first time waiting in a queue to get in (and be it either the city or Chatswood store), I just didn't think it was worth it. There's always places nearby where I can get a table straight away and really, I don't think it's worthwhile to wait that long for food. On the occasion, I will make the exception but I just think that we're you've been stuck in a queue forever, the minute you sit down, obviously the food will taste good but you're also chomping down on the food without really tasting it. On this particular Thursday night - my stomach was hungry for Jap and I was prepared to wait the 15 minutes to get a seat.

There weren't that many photos from the meal. Here's one at the end of it - the plate of sushi J picked off the had a scallop on top and was extremely tasty! I was actually very impressed with the variety of sushi they had that night. See all the dishes stacked up for proof!!
Green Tea Brulee (massive) which came with a sizeable scoop of Black Sesame Ice Cream - not so sure about the big pieces of fruit on the side; they were a little odd. We also had the Strawberry Daifuku which unfortunately went into my mouth before I remembered the camera.
J digging in.
If only Thursday night dinners could be a weekly do! Unfortunately, getting home after dinner does suck a little - it's really not that convenient and taxis are completely out of the question. The taxi ride home for both of us would be equivalent to the meal itself! Anyway, looking forward to the next Thursday night dinner (and yes, I do eat other things not just Jap!)


char said...

hey that is a lot of dishes !!! rookie and i only managed about half of that for lunch the other day :$ but in agreement to it being worth the waiting every now and then :)

panda said...

i know i was awhile since i'd been and all the dishes just looked so tasty!! i reckon i could've eaten more if i didn't control myself and think about how much the bill was going to come to :P