Sunday, 18 January 2009

chocolate kkomz @ eastwood

It was a last minute decision to grab dinner together that we thought to got to Chocolate Kkomz in Eastwood. It's a neat little place and their booth seating is great for groups of up to 6 - we had 5 that night. Love the fact that they have buzzers on the table - waiters/waitresses are just a buzz away and you can remain undisturbed for the majority of the night (which is great when you are meeting up with friends and don't really want to be disturbed).

Having been there a couple of times now, I've managed to get through a good part of their menu and so far, so good. There's a real mix of dishes, some traditional, a good part fusion and well, there's a mix of Korean/Japanese and Western all thrown in there. Might sound a little bizarre but I can only encourage you to try for yourself before you make that call.

Okonomoyaki - first time trying this one; definitely a good size for sharing.
Bibimbap. Had everyone at the table laughing at me (waiter boy included) when I (for some spastic reason) said something along the lines of 'Can we have a Bibim..bimbap?' or something along those lines.
Side dishes that come with the hotpot - unlimited refills. J asked for kimchi at least 4 times and was still asking after all the rest of the food was finished and the table was being cleared (the waiter only look amused and did not comment).
Octopus and Kalbi Hotpot. On the menu, it says it serves two which it definitely does. This is probably my favourite hotpot out of the ones on their menu.
Cheese Pork Cutlet Spaghetti Bolognaise. Sounds a little odd and offputting but tastes fab! I can't imagine it to be too healthy though.
Shared amongst 5, the bill worked out to be about $22pp (which included drinks) and I'd say we were all contentedly full. J was happy with all the kimchi he ate (sometimes I get quite embarrassed eating out with him! It got to a point during the night where he was asking me to ask the waiter for more kimchi cause he was too embarrassed to ask himself. hmm...)


Anonymous said...

I went there last year and I concur some of the combos sound odd but they work. I wish I'd tried the Cheese Pork Cutlet Spaghetti Bolognaise!

panda said...

i remember when the place first opened, they had little origami wrapped chocolates to end the meal - unfortunately they don't have them any more!