Monday, 5 January 2009

cleaning out the fridge - a spicy pork noodle salad

Mum had given me instructions to clean out the fridge (i.e. chuck out things that had expired) and had also asked me to do something with the box of marinated spicy pork that dad no longer wanted to eat. I ended up doing both (finding things that had expired for a good part of a year) and well, cleaned up the fridge beyond just the expired goods. There were assorted leftover vegies, herbs and the like and with this, I mixed it with the marinated spicy pork and made an impromptu spicy pork noodle salad.

Here it is - containing marinated spicy pork (bought from the Korean supermarket), flat vermicelli noodles, carrot, chinese cabbage, coriander, and shallots. The spicy pork was fried and tossed into the salad warm.
Once tossed, eat up! I tried to have it again at dinner time and despite reheating in the microwave, it didn't taste quite as good. 
The salad could've also done with a bit more sauce. Whilst the pork was marinated and full of flavour, if you had just the noodles, you would've found it quite bland.

Mum was more than pleased that the fridge was emptied out. Our fridge constantly has too much in it whether it be leftovers or ingredients which dad seems to forget about buying and putting in there. And well, the cleaning up of the fridge ended up being to my benefit - with a bit of work, I might be able to better this recipe and call it mine! Will let you know how I go.

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