Friday, 2 January 2009

christmas with friends

Boxing Day - Ken had a house free and it was decided that we would do a Christmas dinner where everyone had to bring a dish. Everyone was allocated their 'dish' when we were at Bungalow (unfortunately, there wasn't much choice: between Em & I we had to draw up a list and strategically allocate what people were to bring. When you have a group with boys, you really have to be specific about what they bring otherwise you end up with either a lot of soft drink or a lot of ice; as learnt from experience). I ended up being quite surprised because everyone that turned up did bring what they were allocated. 

Fish Finger Rolls with Japanese Mayonnaise and mixed salad leaves. The idea for this one came about when J&I were at the supermarket doing the shopping. Originally we were just getting some dinner rolls but then thought to jazz them up with a filling. They ended up looking quite spectacular!
ST made Curry Chicken Puffs.
M made us 2x Roast Chickens with Baked Pumpkin and Potatoes - I'm giving up on roasting a chicken, M you do a perfect job! Here's one of the chickens (recipe by Bill Granger).
Trifle was allocated to my friend Ka. I have a feeling that M was the one that actually made it and he only contributed to the drawing on top of the trifle. Only he could've thought of something like that!
Getting the girls together for a photo. Not quite sure what E was doing here (but possibly trying to swallow?)
There's actually a lot more food that I didn't get photos of (as busy as I was eating). There were at least 3 types of kebabs, a tuna pasta salad, lasagna, sliced cold turnkey, garlic bread, sushi, noodles (courtesy of Ken's mum), chocolate truffle cake, fruit and a cheese plate (which we completely forgot about). And of course there was alcohol and plenty (I stress plenty) of soft drink.

And well, last but not least, a late arrival to the party - Len's infamous egg tarts! Yum!

I'm in favour of more get-togethers where everyone brings a dish - ended up being lots of fun and there was plenty of food to go around. Good to also catch up and see friends I haven't see in a while. J&I also managed to finish Christmas cards to give to everyone which I thought was a big improvement for me this year.

Oh...last but not least, the picture on top of the trifle is of a man peeing on grass. Let me know if you can see it (trust me, only someone like my friend Ka can think of it!)


char said...

the roast chicken looks so good ! and your fish finger burgers are cute too :)

panda said...

the roast chicken also tasted really good!

J&I also thought about doing mini hot dogs with those dinner rolls - love those dinner rolls; can do so much with them!