Monday, 30 August 2010

good food & wine show 2010

I've been meaning to post about this year's Good Food & Wine show but it seems that time has once again got the better of me and almost 2 months on, I finally put together this post! Thankfully the show's website is still up and running so I can look up all the things I ate on the day and actually blog about it. I have the worse memory ever, don't even ask me what I ate for breakfast this morning, I probably can't even remember!

Anyway, back to the show; it seems like this year's show was busier than ever (yes, it must be Masterchef turning everyone's attention to food!) It was definitely bigger too with all the stalls much more spread out compared to last year. Reluctantly I have to say this and I'm sure most people would agree that getting in was a pain and pre-booking tickets didn't seem like such a good idea considering the queue to buy tickets at the door was empty and you had the pre-booked ticket collection line extending to the far, far beyond. I was in the queue trying to pick up tickets for my 10.30am Celebrity theatre show and ended up bolting to the theatre late once I got through the show's doors. But alas...Miguel Maestre and his very lovely accent put me pack into a much better mood!

After going to the show's restaurant last year, I thought I'd pay another visit...

Toby Puttock's 'Polenta Gnocchi with marjoram, tallegio and prosciutto served with Hardys Nottage Hill Pinot Noir' - this was my favourite of the 4 dishes we tried.

Gary Mehigan's 'Bastilla of lamb, olives & pine nuts served with Hardys Oomoo Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon'

George Calombaris' 'Chocolate and walnut tart with salty caramel sauce'.

Pete Evans' 'Goat's curd cheesecake with passionfruit sauce' - can't say I'm a big fan of goat's curd.

Chocolate & Prune Brownie from Cookie Couture.

And in the usual fashion of visiting the show, I left with a handful of goodies (but definitely not as crazy as I was last year). Oh, I'm glad to see that Donna Hay is back at the show! Thumbs up!

It's my fourth year running going to the Sydney Food & Wine Show and overall, it is getting bigger and better each year. The wine part of the show seems to be growing (for those interested in wine) and yes, there's a handful of stalls at the show which are there and have no relation to food but are great to be there nonetheless. And well, on top of the celebrity spotting, it was good to bump into fellow food bloggers (good to see you Bel & Maria!)

Back next year!

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mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I didn't go this year as it's getting a bit too large and commercialised for my liking, with the unfortunate addition of not-quite-related food products such as mops, cleaning cloths, organic pet food and massage stands!

Great to hear that the Donna Hay stand's back though - it was a great value bag!