Wednesday, 11 August 2010

sea garden korean restaurant @ railway pde., eastwood

I'm a keeper of mental lists. So on top of the day-to-day work that my brain needs to do, there are some extraordinary lists kept in my brain which get checked off as I go through them. There are lists of chores that I need to get through (I try to keep these as short as possible), there's lists for books that I want to read, people I want to catch up with but perhaps the longest list of them are my lists of recipes to make and restaurants to visit. On the latter of those lists, Sea Garden Korean Restaurant has been on it since January this year after I read Mashi's post about it here.

Not sure why it's taken me so long to visit this place considering it's in my suburb and just walking distance. I actually tried coming here once but somehow got sidetracked by a similar Korean restaurant just two doors down. I have to say though, there are quite a few enticing Korean eateries in Eastwood which are fantastic and well worth trying and yes, you may be like me and get distracted and try someplace that you hadn't quite planned for!

Nothing like an assortment of colourful side dishes to start a Korean meal. Great thing about these is that you can ask them for refills. When I eat out with J, it's usually the Kim Chi that gets topped up again and again, and again.

I know it doesn't sound all that exciting when it's a feature of every Korean restaurant but you can't have a Korean meal without Korean seafood pancake. In a way, I actually have a huge crush on the sauce that comes served with the pancake! I particularly love the cracked egg on this version at Sea Garden.

If you read Mashi's post, you'll see that she had this pork cutlet dish as well. Both the salad and pork cutlet have a generous serve of dressing and do everything to compliment the dish. 

I can't quite remember the name of this dish but it's rice cake (a lot of it) in a milky/eggy soup and topped with cuttings of dried seaweed. It's a rather filling dish but that soup is ever so soothing for the tummy.

From memory, the meal was only about $30 between the two of us and we were both contentedly full and waddling back to the car, parked just metres away next door in the carpark. If you're driving here, you should find parking just next to the restaurant or down railway parade quite easily so there's plenty of bonuses coming here.

The restaurant staff are very friendly or should I say motherly. It's a very tiny restaurant so probably not so suitable for big groups but for groups up to 4, it's a great option to have up your sleeve. Food is homely and enticing and the prices certainly won't break the budget.


mashi said...

Glad you tried it out and enjoyed it. Reading your post makes me want to eat there again x

panda said...

it literally took me over half a year to try it out and I live so close to the place! ooh..let's make that a date!

missklicious said...

So cheap! Looks like a great meal too.

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

I have to admit, i know very little about korean food. but the bits that i do know, i love. this looks so awesome to me

Von said...'s been a while since I've gone exploring the restaurants in Eastwood....must go there some time! Now I'm having cravings for Korean food! Especially that seafood pancake- it looks really good...!

panda said...

missklicious - cheap and definitely a good meal! do try it out!

amy - if you're after korean food, eastwood is a good place to go to. there's so many korean restaurants and I have yet to come across a bad one.

von - i always order seafood pancake, no korean meal is complete without the pancake :)