Tuesday, 31 August 2010

shobu @ rowe st., eastwood

When it comes to food and anything related to food, I find that I can get quite obsessed. If it's a chef, I'll buy all their cookbooks, if it's a food magazine I'll try to grab every issue and well when it comes to types of food, my latest craze is Korean food and I really can't get enough of it. When the opportunity comes up to go out and eat, the boy will ask me what I want to eat and he knows without asking that I'll say 'How about one of the Korean restaurants in Eastwood?' There's just so many Korean restaurants in Eastwood that I can't get to them quick enough!

Shobu is on Rowe Street in Eastwood, the side of Rowe Street where the bulk of the Korean shops and eateries are (FYI: Rowe Street is chopped in half by the train station...odd, yes!) It was actually by luck that we stumbled across Shobu, being a Friday night, most of the restaurants along the street were filled up and Shobu had one last table available, albeit a slightly small one.

Here's all our side dishes squeezed up on the table. Wasn't a big fan of the cold spam coated in sauce but loved all the other side dishes.

We ordered the Sukiyaki hotpot (which oddly didn't come with noodles and which I thought was on the menu but we didn't bother asking as it already came with bowls of rice which we struggled to finish). 

With the table holding the side dishes and hotpot, our Korean pancake was relegated to the extra seat that  one of the waiters added to our table. We quickly gobbled this one up as with the extra seat, the waiters/waitresses kept bumping into the seat as they were getting round the restaurant. I particularly like the Korean pancake here as it's dense, crispy, doughy and chewy all at the same time. The doughy-ness probably isn't very healthy but I absolutely love anything that is doughy in texture (and in hindsight, explains why I find it hard to lose weight!)

Really enjoyed the food here and the service was particularly attentive. If you are a reader of Eatability, you will probably read about how small this place is and how chaotic it may be but don't let that put you off, the place is small and will appear chaotic but I would think that's the nature of small places. Often I find that small places that are busy serve up great food and I think this is one of those places. Call me biased but I do try to see the positive in the places I eat at otherwise why bother eating there in the first place! Anyway, have my eye on Minto next (also on Rowe Street). Anyone keen to join me?


Maria @ ScandiFoodie said...

I'm like you then! I easily come obsessed as well but I think it's a good obsession! ;-)

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

haha Panda I'm like (and Maria too)! Perhaps its the obsessed nature of the food blogger! :D

Lil said...

I live in Eastwood and I've tried a few of the Korean restaurants there! I've not been to Shobu though. Have you tried the new Korean buffet that recently opened up?

I love Korean pancakes too, but they are so filling. Doesn't leave much for trying other food!

missklicious said...

Love Korean food, but haven't tried any of the restaurants at Eastwood. Looks good though!!

panda said...

maria - i reassure myself that it's a good obsession too!

lorraine - yes that must be it! good to know that there's so many of us alike :)

lil - we might've even seen each around eastwood! and yep, I've been to the korean buffet that just opened up - blog post coming soon :)

missklicious - if you can, come to eastwood for korean food, so many choices and all rather good too!

mashi said...

Yum, looking forward to trying this place out, thanks for the great review. I do love a good seafood pancake =)