Monday, 1 November 2010

bacco wine bar & pasticceria @ qvb

I had every intention to go to Sugar Hit this year but as it more or less happens every year, something seems to come every time I want to go and then the end of October comes by and I actually haven't made it to one! Bizarrely, I tried to go to the Bacco Sugar Hit twice. The first time, a friend had organised Sugar Hit for a weeknight at Bacco's Chifley Square store - the boy fell ill that time and we didn't end up going. The second time I planned it for a Thursday night and said to the boy, let's go to the QVB store, actually have dinner there and then we'll definitely won't miss out on Sugar Hit, and yes, I still missed it!

So we had dinner at Bacco on a Thursday night, the plan of attack was to shop first, then sit down for dinner close to 8pm and then we'd be there just in time for Sugar Hit to start at 9pm. All was going well, we had the Caprese Bruschetta to start off dinner - those tomatoes kept rolling off the sourdough!

Busiate Al Sugo di Anatra - House made wholemeal busiate pasta with duck ragu, part and mixed wild mushrooms. It's not a saucy pasta but there's just enough liquid in it to hold the pasta together - I loved it!

Costolette di Vitello - Wood fired grilled grain fed veal cutlet served with pumpkin puree and asparagus. The veal is extremely tender and I have a photo of the the boy in a suit holding the bone and trying to eat off the last scraps of meat - definitely recommend ordering this dish.

Here's where Sugar Hit didn't quite work. On the menu under 'Dolci' is Misto di Dolci where you can select three desserts from the pasticceria. When you think about it, it's $20 a head for Sugar Hit yet for $15 you can select three full sized desserts to sample; the desserts are also at your choosing, I guess I'll do Sugar Hit next year! Here are the Tiramisu, Pear Caramello (my favourite) and Cappucino Tart (which had popping candy sprinkled on the top and made the boy think his mouth was exploding for a second).

So that's my story of how I tried to go to Sugar Hit this year (twice to the same place) but didn't actually end up going. Not a huge loss I guess, there's always next year and well, in place, I had a rather lovely dinner with the boy where we were both comfortably full. Bacco in the QVB is really quite a nice and convenient location to eat at and *sigh* I can easily while away my day looking into their dessert cabinet!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ah well! But as you said, you still had a great night :) And I still haven't been to Bacco! :O

missklicious said...

$15 for 3 desserts is a bargain compared to Sugar Hit! The cakes at Bacco are so pretty, and I enjoyed the pear one too.

mashi said...

The dessert option you guys had sounds like a better deal.

The duck ragu pasta looks awesome, the weather has been crazy lately, and a bowl of pasta is perfect mmm

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I reckon you got the better deal in any case. Some of the Sugar Hits aren't always good value, especially if you don't want the wine or simply do not drink. That's why I liked it when the list was full of hotels - places that don't normally have that dessert on the menu and only do it as a special for a month. That's what made Sugar Hits special.

Maria @ Scandi Foodie said...

Still haven't tried this place, but looks really good!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

That worked out well..! The pasta looks FAB!