Tuesday, 9 November 2010

chefs gallery restaurant @ george st., regent place

It's not hard to get to know me. I like food, I love baking (and will bake at all hours of the day), I like cooking (but rarely get the chance to cook up anything lavish), I have a lot of of cookbooks, I collect recipes, I strangely have a large number of food soft toys and well, last but not least, if I see a place serving pig shaped buns, I'm more than than likely going to go there to try.

That's more or less my story about going to Chefs Gallery which recently opened at Regents Place in the city. I saw their pig shaped buns and wanted to go their to try and I did. I was catching up with my a good friend of mine who I haven't really caught up with since high school and well, I don't think she found me too weird for wanting to go there because of their buns! FYI: The buns are actually part of their dessert menu, there's plenty more other things you can try!

Diced chilli chicken tossed with handmade noodles. I didn't find this chilli at all but had a good level of spice in it to make it our favourite dish of the night.

Chef's own golden snowflake chicken which is a lightly crumbed chicken fillet (very crispy, tender and moist) and served with noodles in a pumpkin soup. Whilst I was intrigued about the 'snowflake' chicken, I actually found the pumpkin soup a little more different and something I didn't quite expect in a Chinese restaurant.

Lightly pan fried cabbage and pork dumplings - bit disappointed with this one as they were merely dumpling wrappers loosely coiled around the filling and not enclosed. I like my dumplings enclosed so that they retain all the soup goodness which I think a dumpling should have.

Our 2 desserts - Steamed pumpkin pastry dumpling filled with lotus paste and the highly awaited Steamed sesame 'piggy face' bun. The 8 year old at the next table (could've been younger) gave me an odd look as I gushed over which piggy to eat (there's a boy and a girl pig) and no doubt, he thought I was a little strange in the head (I think he was just jealous!)

Overall, a very attractive and yummy dinner. In the footsteps of Din Tai Fung, the service is efficient and it seems like they've doing a pretty good job with the line outside the front door extending a fair way down the street. With the queue outside, it's understandable that you'll be hurried along to finish your dinner a bit quicker but as long as there's food on your table (giving you a big hint here), they tend not to disturb you. The seating is a little tight so expect to hear the conversation at the two tables beside you (even if you try not to) and well, if you're like me, stare down little kids that make odd faces at you when you are trying to eat your 'piggy face' bun!


joey@FoodiePop said...

I was there at the weekend and although I liked the lightness of the snowflake chicken, it was cold. I'm assuming it was meant to be. Might have to revisit and try more of the food. :)

Von said...

I've wanted to visit this place ever since I first read about it =) The piggy buns are so cute! And the food looks really yummy too =)

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Haha, I cannot imagine you staring down kidlets at all!