Monday, 6 June 2011

adriano zumbo's chocolate masterclass

Unashamedly, I stalk Adriano Zumbo like a bad rash. I love reading about what he's been up to, visiting his cafes and generally being in places where he's likely to be in. I talk Adriano Zumbo this and Adriano Zumbo that and the boy just thinks I'm slightly mental. Such is the life of being me! Actually reading this month's delicious magazine last night, I saw an ad for the DVD release of Zumbo's show - tee hee, guess who'll be getting herself a copy? Me!

As part of this year's 30 days of Home, Food & Wine Show, the fabulous Zumbo hosted a Chocolate Masterclass which I eagerly attended with the boy and two of my good friends. Being the day before Good Friday, it was meant to be an easy relaxing night into the weekend but traffic ended up being atrocious and we ran our way to make it in time for the start of the demonstration.

Woot woot - the man of mystery, Adriano Zumbo!

Platters of delectable food went around the room as we watched Zumbo's demonstration. There were plenty of these scallops with chorizo to go around.

This was Horden Pavillion transformed into a kitchen/demonstration room. Very odd considering the same four of us were here the week or so earlier seeing The Script in concert.

An unidentified crunchy munchy.

Cute little poached eggs with asparagus and smoked salmon on toast.

Here's another one of many Zumbo photos that I took that night.

As we were at the back of the room, we spent most of the time looking at the TV screen to see where Zumbo was up to (he was demonstrating the making of a Chocolate Balsamic Tart, recipe which came in the goodie bag that got handed out at the end of the night). As promised, the audience got to try the tart but it was ever so little.

If that little boy had moved out of the way, that would've been me staring longingly at the finished tart.

The boys I went with that night shook their heads as Mashi and I rushed up to the front, lined up in the queue, eager to get a photo with Zumbo. I even went to the extent of asking him a billion questions when I got to the head of the queue (and yes, probably would've had a few people tut-tut-tutting behind me but I ignored them). Great to finally speak to Mr Zumbo!

So I did try to get tickets to the Masterclass that Zumbo is hosting in December as part of the Harvey Norman Gourmet Kitchen. Unfortunately got in too late and have been told to get in touch later in December as and when they may release a second session. Fingers crossed I'll be lucky and get myself a ticket!


mashi said...

This post reminds me of all the chocolate I got from the show. Let's attempt Zumbo's tart soon?

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

There is nothing shameful about being a fan! At least you were composed and managed to ask questions - much worse if you'd been reduced to giggles or just an open-mouthed stare!