Saturday, 18 June 2011

st. malo's bakery @ willoughby rd., crows nest

Places that serve up all day breakfast, by default, are places that I always go back to. During the week, I'm usually on the run and breakfast is a rather odd assortment of foods, sometimes just a coffee, other times cereal, if I'm lucky maybe a bit of toast so when it comes to the weekend (when I have all the time in the world to sleep in and catch up on myself), a late brekkie is certainly most welcome.

A couple of weeks back, we enjoyed a late brekkie over lunch time with friends that we hadn't seen in a while. They'd recently come back from a trip and we had much to chat and talk about as a good deal has happened over the last couple of months. St. Malo's Bakery was a place that they'd heard about and were keen to try; no questions there as when you're outside the shop, the sight of pastries and baked goods will naturally draw you in.

Coffees and hot chocolates for the table.

Both boys opted for the Breakfast of the Kings (aka big breakfast) and happily ate their way through the plate - there were certainly no complaints there about the quantity or quality of the meal.

Char's choice of Mushroom on Toast.

My choice of Croque Monsieur with a side of Sweet Potato Chips. If you're not all that hungry, this dish could easily serve two.

There was plenty else on the menu that I was keen to try. What got my attention were some gigantic muffins (I have a soft spot for muffins - as simple as they are, I actually prefer muffins to other heavily decorated and assembled cakes) but probably one for next time to share with a friend over coffee. Service here was very friendly - we started late, chatted away and before we know it they were starting to close off sections for the day but they were not pushy at all for us to get out.  We finally did leave though with very satisfied stomachs and a walk through the local markets and shops nearby was a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. Thanks for the company Char & Rookie!


missklicious said...

Weekend breakfasts are the best! Time to indulge in things that you don't normally have time for during the week - all day brekkies are even better!

char said...


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

I know, as much as I enjoy eating breakfast out, it's completely ironic if I have to drag myself out of bed early on a weekend in order to do so.

I like my cakes and sweets a bit more homely rather than elaborately decorated things too!