Wednesday, 15 June 2011

duroo korean restaurant @ rowe. st, eastwood

So I thought I'd tried all the Korean restaurants in Eastwood worth trying and then Minto shut down and reopened as Duroo Korean Restaurant. I actually liked Minto (it's a rather cute name too) so not sure what went on there but well, as one restaurant door shuts, another opens, well strictly I walk in and check it out and report back.

One of the things I use to judge how 'good' a Korean restaurant is is their selection of side dishes at the start of the meal. Duroo offers a good cross section of mild and spicy, assorted vegetables too. Great thing is that the waitress came round to top up the side dishes without us even asking.

One of the dishes I always order is Pajon (aka Korean pancake). It's a very decent sized serving here and  rather tasty too - just the right amount of crunch and seafood pieces mixed in the pancake.

Bibimbap - another popular Korean dish which I love eating; the more chilli sauce in it, the better! Remember to stir quickly when it gets to the table so that the rice doesn't cook and burn where it touches the hot stone bowl.

Spicy Hotpot. Definitely spicy and a great choice for a winter's night.

In some ways, I think Duroo has come along replacing Minto but all that's really changed is the name. Duroo is more or less offering the same menu as its previous owner  and like all the Korean restaurants to be found in Eastwood, the cooking and the food is solid and great value too. This definitely goes on my list of places to go back to (and well, I really only have two lists going on and to be honest, I have yet to come across a place offering bad Korean food.)


Dolly said...

i heard chocolatekkomz closed??

WHAT its my favourite resturant *korean in ew.

Ive never eaten in another korean besides that one ><

Anonymous said...

if you don't stir the rice at the bottom of the bibimbap, it turns into a nice crust and gives you a crunchy/ spicy treat at the end. usually the best part of ordering it in the hot stone bowl.