Sunday, 18 December 2011

zenq @ victoria ave., chatswood

Ok, so nothing really new here. We've seen Meet Fresh and the queue for that is humungous if you go to the one in the city and well, now there's ZenQ; a dessert place offering a very similar menu. To their credit, ZenQ do offer a wider menu selection but in the end, if I were to compare the hero dishes at both places, I'd have to say that Meet Fresh do it slightly better.

Signature Dessert No. 1 - Grass Jelly with ZenQ signature q balls and pearls. I'm slightly sad that there are more q balls in there; don't ask me why, those balls hardly taste like anything but I love them and can't stop eating them.

On this particular day, the boy wasn't too impressed that I was taking yet another photo of him. Actually you can even see me in the reflection of the mirror; I'm as happy as ever!

This dish when it came to the table looked nothing like the picture on the menu - Black Sago with green tea pudding and vanilla ice cream. Would probably recommend you order with the regular sago - the black sago just reminds me of little fish eyes and doesn't really go very well with the rest of the items in the dish.

I'd been waiting awhile to check this place out (as every time I'd gone, there was always a queue). Have to say though, from what I've tried, I'd probably stick with Meet Fresh. Everything just looks sad when it comes to the table (nothing like the pictures on the menu). Maybe better luck next time!


kenn said...

meet fresh is open at chatswood now too (opp ZenQ), same with my sweet memories on anderson st.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Agreed on the sad appearance. I had one that looked like fruit salad soup - and that's putting it nicely..!

mashi said...

Completely agree, I'd rather Meet Fresh than ZenQ any day!
J does look particularly annoyed but it's funny haha

geebambino said...
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