Monday, 2 January 2012

the berry tea shop @ albert st., berry

Hello there readers and Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a good Christmas, ate lots, and spent plenty of time with family and friends. I managed to do all that and picked up a slight stomach bug on the way, then passed it on to the boy but thankfully both he and I have entered the new year both well and kicking. 

So much seems to have happened over the last month; a fair few friends visiting from overseas, dinner outings and catchups, a failed attempt at macarons (very sad!), friends back from holidays, the beach (finally the weather warmed up!) organising and tidying, I don't know about you, I actually feel a bit exhausted. Thankfully, the boy and I managed to squeeze in a short trip to Berry for a few days prior to the new year and had a spout of R&R, sampled plenty of local produce and watched way too many DVDs.

Let me introduce you to The Berry Tea Shop; the one shop were I walked in, sat down for a cup of tea and circled around and around the shop looking at things and nearly pulled out my credit card and bought up the whole shop. I didn't actually but I was tempted.

Scones served with jam and cream, best eaten with a cup of tea. The boy sampled the Darjeeling First Flush and I went for a pot of Madame Earl Grey. Both very lovely!

The boy thinks I put way too much cream on my scones. I don't think I put enough. There's still plenty of cream in that little dish. Should've just put it all on.

My favourite wall in the shop!

Spoke briefly to the owner at the counter (who's from the UK originally) and what a lovely shop with a lovely owner who is madly in love with his shop too! I didn't end up buying any tea (as I have a crazy amount at home which I need to really get through) but couldn't help picking up a Robert Gordon Cup & Saucer set in a floral print, a set of lace coasters and a most adorable teapot tea infuser.

I was hoping to duck back in for another cup of tea on the trip but didn't get round to it. If by chance you happen to go before I head back, say hello to the owner for me and have a cup of tea on my behalf. Ooh and do let me know what things you buy there - I would like to know!


Sophie (thestickyandsweet) said...

I love this store! I wandered around there willing myself to like tea.

missklicious said...

Psssh Please let the boy know that there's no such thing as too much cream on scones :P

mydi said...

Happy New Year Jenny =)!

mydi said...

Happy new year Jenny! =) glad you and Justin got to go away ^^

Sophie said...

this is my kind of shop! so whimsy and tea is everywhere :P

char said...

heyhey happy new year! we did end up in berry/kangaroo valley too but i think a few days before you guys. loved this shop!

betty said...

i love berry! did you have donuts from the famous berry donut van :P