Monday, 16 January 2012

hungry duck @ queen st., berry

With the craziness that is life, I almost forgot about this blog of mine. It's been there by my side for the last 5 years but there's days when I have the memory of a fish and keep eating and 'floating' around and well, thanks mum for reminding me today that it was time to update my blog. 

Continuing where I left off, Berry was really a godsend of a holiday over the Christmas & New Year break. So very relaxing, just away from everything, friendly people in town, delicious food and a few nifty little purchases here and there. The boy did do a bit of research prior and booked us a dinner at the Hungry Duck in advance and well if perchance you are visiting Berry, I would recommend that you get yourself a booking too!

Crumbed quail eggs - crunchy tasty morsels.

The boy was plagued with a bit of a stomache bug but insomuch that he still managed to eat all the food that came to the table.

Raw Wagyu Beef & Avocado, topped with roe.

Duck Spring Rolls with honey sesame sauce and chili ketchup. A few tables around us all ordered this dish and I have to say, it's extremely tasty but watch that squirt of hot oil as you bite into it; best to nibble at it slowly.

Steamed kingfish with vinegared chili broth and lemongrass. The broth is somewhat drowned in chilli oil and looks like it could be hot but it really isn't and drinking the broth actually doesn't make you that thirsty.

The most interesting and most unusual dish of the night would have to be this one - Alpaca tempura. We learnt through our waiter that night that chef David Campbell has been working in conjunction with the local Alpaca farm to get this meat on the table - the meat has a really subtle flavour with the texture in between pork and chicken; very tender and well worth a try.

Mushroom & Asparagus Stir Fry - tad towards the salty side.

Chilli Chocolate Tart.

Rhubarb Tarte Tartin.

Compared to the boy, I was back to good eating form after having the same stomach bug the few days before. Happily digging away into my tarte tartin which I think is such a tasty (and fatty) French dessert.

We had lovely service that night and all the dishes we had were ones that I would order again. Given I were to go again, I'd probably stick to ordering a la carte. The table next to us ordered the banquet (there is a 5 course and a 9 course option) and whilst the 9 course looked considerably filling, I think ordering a la carte is probably better value and you get to choose all the dishes you actually want to try. And in the end it is Asian food and something about bits and pieces of food doesn't come across to me as the correct way to eat Asian food - but that's probably just me being pedantic and being Asian.


Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

Alpaca meat, you say? And I thought they were only ever farmed for their hair/fur.

mashi said...

Yum... the whole meals looks pretty good and definitely Chinese with a twist. Tarte tartins are my fav kind of dessert. Glad you ordered it hehe
Alpaca meat?! that's interesting, never had that before, but glad to hear it's tender.

mashi said...

btw, I’ve just awarded you the Cute Blog Award haha drop by my page to check out the details :)