Monday, 30 January 2012

yummy lane @ rowe st., eastwood

There was a time when this restaurant didn't have a front or back door. It was just a resturant in an alleyway and no matter how adventurous I was, I couldn't get a soul to go with me to try it out. Actually I had no idea where the food was coming out from, you could only see a counter at the front, tables and chairs down the alleyway and staff that would triapse up and down the corridor to take your order and at night, everything would get packed up and the restaurant would cease to exist. It's probably been a good 6 months and now Yummy Lane has both a front and back door and decor to suggest that it's more of a permanent fix, or one would think at least.

Quite an extensive menu on offer but in the end, just simple, homestyle Chinese food and I was actually quite impressed with how it all tasted. Here's the braised beancurd with mushroom and veg. A staple dish to order when counterbalancing the meat heavy dishes you would usually order when you eat Chinese food.

You can see how narrow the restaurant is in this photo. The boy is getting a little sick of me taking photos of him :(

HK Style Iced Lemon Tea - not too sweet but reminds me I really need to get my hands on a good recipe; would love to learn how to make it at home.

Beef & Vermicelli with Sacha Sauce. Not too heavy nor gluggy with the Sacha sauce and the vermicelli noodles is enough to fill you up without needing to have it with rice.

Handmade noodle with homemade sauce (otherwise known as Jia Jiang Mien). We were probably a little too adventurous and ordered a bit too much food. Ended up having enough takeaway to fill two plastic boxes.

With a 10% discount on the meal, I was suitably impressed with how it all turned out. Very quick service, decent portion sizes and surprisingly Chinese food that didn't leave me too thirsty after the meal. I'd say two dishes with a little rice is enough to feed two, order 3 dishes and you should have enough takeaway to last you both for lunch the next day. They're reasonably tech savvy with our waiter taking the order on his iPhone and they seem reasonably busy without being frantic so good to know you can turn up and just get a table. Though really, gone are the days when I would wait outside for ages to get a table, I'd much rather be seated and eating!


mashi said...

The food looks lovely and I love a good tofu hotpot. I've seen the place a few times but haven't quite been brave enough to try it. Will definitely make a visit some time soon :)

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

I think I walked past this place a little while ago... The husband even remarked how it looked like the laneway had been enclosed just to create this shop space! Good to see the food is decent.