Wednesday, 4 January 2012

berry woodfired sourdough bakery @ prince alfred st., berry

Is it odd to sit there with a loaf of fresh bread and keep eating and eating it until it's gone? And what about thinking about all the condiments that you can have with fresh bread whilst you're eating it - a generous slap of fresh butter, a generous dip of olive oil, freshly made jams, a lathering of peanut butter or even a slight smear of vegemite and butter is occasionally something that the heart desires. I really do love eating bread.

Woodfired sourdough served with olive oil and salt at the Berry Woodfired Sourdough Bakey.

It's a busy little place here, waited about 15 minutes to be seated at a table.

A somewhat lighter lunch than usual - a duck leg salad.

A slightly more filling Poached Chicken Salad.

Oh - a third course of dessert at lunch is often something I think about too. Who says you can only have dessert after dinner? 

A must visit in Berry!

After the Berry Tea Shop, this is my second favourite place in Berry. It's a great place to rest your legs for the afternoon in the comfort of delicious food. You can also get baked goods on the go but note they sell out earlier so get in there quick if you can!


Sophie said...

Berry seems to be quite an interesting place, a friend of mine visited there too over the holidays. I ought to find time to visit it myself aswell! I just love an honest slice of bread with olive oil and vinegar to dab into.. and Dessert should be anytime of the day/night!! :)

Rita (mademoiselle délicieuse) said...

A happy New Year to you! And, no, absolutely nothing wrong with ending lunch on a sweet note - dessert is definitely not reserved for being after dinner only =D