Sunday, 14 October 2012

adriano zumbo's rose V8

Continuing my last post on Adriano Zumbo, I need to share these pics of his Rose V8 which I ordered for a recent family get together. Without me needing embellish things, it was a cake of beauty (truly amazing) and too quickly gobbled up. You see - we're always buying cakes for our family get togethers and it's rare that we actually finish the whole cake (with everyone taking a little bit home usually) so for us to be finishing the whole cake, it's definitely saying something.

The cake of beauty - When I ordered it, I actually thought I was getting the Vanilla V8 but picking it up,  I was told it was the Rose V8. Had my doubts at the time whether the rose would be too overpowering but then have a look at how pretty the cake is.

The cake ready for the big reveal. Unfortunately the website didn't say what all the layers were so I've only got a few pics to show you what was inside the cake.

All 8 layers within. There's the distinct flavours of both rose and lychee.

Cake innards - 8 perfect layers.

And well, it was an afternoon of polaroid fun. I'm a big, big fan of polaroid cameras.

So mum has already requested for another Adriano Zumbo cake for dad's birthday coming up. There's the Happy Birthday! cake otherwise the Croquembouche - which one to choose? Though my birthday's coming up too so maybe one for each birthday sounds like a plan!

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