Tuesday, 4 January 2011

sorrenzo @ bay drive, meadowbank

So onto Part 3 of my birthday celebrations in 2010, the boy took me for dinner at Sorrenzo - a fusion Japanese restaurant just by the wharf at Meadowbank. I had no idea there were even restaurants by the wharf and well, I gave the boy a thumbs up for a good choice. We enjoyed a rather lavish meal looking over the water and finishing dinner, it was just a short trip home. (Call me lazy but lately I've taken to dining local and it's great to find that there are a number of fantastic local options now compared to a couple years back.)

Greeted by birthday wishes as we arrive at the restaurant.

One of their sake based cocktails which were ever so easy to drink!

Complimentary Amuse Bouche. 

Steamed Abalone with Foie Gras, Sumiso - one of the boy's colleagues had recommended him to try this and it was definitely one dish I would also recommend. It probably doesn't need all that sauce though but once I started dabbing at it, it got rather addictive. In general, you'll find that with most of the dishes here, they are quite heavy handed with the sauces; by all means jam-packed with flavour but might overpower the dish it comes with so suggest you dabble at the sauces in moderation.

 Sushi Combo.


Green Tea Smoked Surpreme of Duck with Cumberland Sauce. You don't see it in this picture but there's another bed of risotto sitting on the other side of the plate making this a rather filling dish. The duck was perfectly cooked with just a slight tinge of pink.

 Wagyu Rib Eye Steak with Assorted Vegetables. Can't go wrong with wagyu.

Had my stomach let me, I would've loved to try dessert but after a full day's worth of eating, my stomach was well stretched beyond its limit. Sorrenzo is open for lunch so no doubt I'll be back to try some more items off their menu and I think the view would be even more stunning during the day. The great thing about the location is that after a filling dinner, you can take a stroll by the wharf to walk it off and that's exactly what we did!


joey@FoodiePop said...

I used to live at West Ryde and I never knew there were restaurants at Meadowbank Wharf, let alone a Japanese fusion one! Looks really good and what a great finish to your birthday!

I wonder if the view is good?

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Completely unfamiliar with Meadowbank but all the better for eating locally - it's good to be able to recommend places to friends when you meet up in the area!

panda said...

there's actually quite a few now where the apartments are. walked by an italian place which looked quite busy so might try that sometime soon. and lol, i haven't quite finished all my b'day eating yet, hopefully will get round to posting them all soon.

view is really nice; where we sat, it looked over the water and was rather calming and pleasant. different to looking out over the water when you're dining out in the city, definitely much more serene.

char said...

like like! all for dining at local restaurants :)