Tuesday, 6 March 2007

le cordon bleu - day 16 + 17

It's puff pastry week as well as a week of savouries; a most welcome change to the sweets of the past 5 weeks! Spent yesterday making our puff pastry dough and today assembling our assorted goods; a beef bourguignon pie, chicken vol au vents, vegetable parcels and a salmon en croute. Despite my dough having lumps of butter in it (the result being running butter on my tray as my things were getting baked), my end products ended up looking alright. My puff pastry managed to lift and rise quite evenly, and all my tops managed to stay on and not pop off; the life and dramas of a patisserie student! lol...you've got to love the fat lips on my fish pie (courtesy of our rather funny Chef Geraldine :P)

We're only about half way through our puff pastry dough so there's a lot more to come tomorrow. It's funny though; having been in class for so long now, I cease to be amazed by the amounts of ingredients which we're using. My mum was asking me about the butter we use and I simply said 'We used 2kg of butter for the pastry' and really, I didn't think much of it. You should've seen my mum's jaw drop and her mouth open and close like a gold fish. Hmm....puff pastry is quite unhealthy yeah?

Once again, I nicked myself on the finger with the knife. I really got to be more careful :(

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