Tuesday, 13 March 2007

le cordon bleu - day 20

This has to be one of my favourites since I've been at LCB. I know I said I wasn't a big fan of poached fruits but I'm taking it back; this tart is beyond yummy and it's garnished with a rather splendid array of poached pairs in red wine :P And no, my face doesn't go tomato red when I eat it (I imagine most of the alcohol would be boiled out when you poach the pears). Finally, alcohol which I can consume and which doesn't make me look silly! *yay* By the way, it's a poached pear tart filled with pastry cream (or creme patissiere) and a dacquoise base and topped with poached pears in red wine. It's got a syrup glaze which gives it a nice finish and off course stops the tart from drying out and hence improving its shelf life (I've learnt that apricot jam does a similar job in the absence of glaze).

Anyway, it's nearing exam time at LCB and I'm getting a tad nervous. Not only does the theory exam fall on my graduation day next week (hence I've requested to take the exam early), it's actually been a long while since I've properly studied. Those spot tests which we've had for our other theory classes don't count; I've managed to fudge my way through those cause they're not too hard (or more that I cease to care every Monday afternoon cause I'm desperately calling for sleep :( Speaking of which, this week has been quite a struggle; not too sure why.) The fact that I've been addicted to the TV doesn't help either :(

Yay to creme brulee, tarte tartins and puddings tomorrow! :D


chocolatesuze said...

creme brulee! awww

swee said...

yeah, this is like my fave in basic as well..

check out the link :)

panda said...

suze: green tea creme brulee with azuki bean has got to be the best! :P

swee san: i checked out the photo of the one you made; it looks so much better than mine! actually it looks even better than Chef Geraldine's :D