Monday, 19 March 2007

le cordon bleu - day 22

So I was saying how I couldn't make it for my Theory test this Friday; they gave me the option of doing it next Monday at 7am in the morning. $#%@! Next week also happens to be the week that my lovely, trusty alarm clock i.e. my wonderous mum is away in New Zealand. Wish me good luck and that I actually wake up for the exam. Anyway who wakes up at that time, please give me a buzz?! please? And far out, it feels like it's back to HSC days. We were given this sheet with a set of dot points which we need to study for and between me and two other girls, we've divided the dot points so we've got them covered. Seriously...
Anyhow, to make up for the unpleasantness of early mornings and an impending final exam and practical, we've got quite a nice line-up this week on the baking side of things. This week we're working with rich doughs i.e. doughs that are high in fats, so you've got all those yummy things like brioches, filled brioches, chocolates croissants, almond croissants, ham and cheese probabbly get the picture. I am definitely someone who won't turn down a croissant so a croissant in its many forms is more than welcome! Well, that's not till Wednesday. Today, we simply did some plaited loaves and the brioche dough which we're using tomorrow. Yay! I was the first person today to finish doing my 4 strand, 5 strand and 6 strand plaits. You can see the before and after in the photos (stupid me stuck my towel on the dough after I egg-washed it so one of the loaves doesn't have as nice a finish :( oh wells...)

And I suppose as a word of warning, I really don't recommend anyone to each too much of your sweet dough. Just like you watch the bread prove (i.e. grow bigger from the growth of the yeast), just a little piece of this stuff makes your stomach grow. Take me for example, I ate about 4 pieces (evil/nice teacher made us afternoon tea consisting of filled brioches) and at the moment, I still feel/look as if I'm about 3 months pregnant. They were nice though; although maybe your Asian 'Lai Wong Bao' is a tonne better than brioche dough filled with creme pat. Oh, and I would definitely put more chocolate if I was filling up my brioche :D

And yay, hail to the end of fall-asleep theory classes on a Monday afternoon :D

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