Tuesday, 20 March 2007

le cordon bleu - day 23

I suppose I learnt a few things about myself today; both the good and the bad.

The good: I'm not that crazy with my bookshelves of recipe books, recipes, food magazines and food collateral. It's really just been the past 2 years for me whereas someone I talked to today has been collecting, archiving and sourcing all things food related for the past 10 years :P Not only is he a guy, but he even scabs the recipes out of his cousin's Marie Clare once she's done with it (Btw...I do recommend the recipes that Marie Clare publish - they're really quite aesthetically appealing even if you don't cook :D) So anyway, I'm pretty normal for the time being. Give me another couple of years and I'll probably have recipe books, food magazines and the like cramming bookshelves to the brim and filling up the garage. Till that day, I'm normal :D

The bad: I have a short temper and can be unforgiving for the smallest of things. A long story cut short, I was annoyed this morning at one of the girls in my class. What happened was she kept asking me questions as to what we were doing first, what needed to go in first etc. and well, we basically spent the morning watching a demo and this was already explained quite clearly to us. Not only that, the workflow was written extremely clearly on the board and so really, all I did was let her know that everything was on the board (maybe not in the nicest of tones but then I was too annoyed at that time to care). Argh...plus I already had to duck from her flying shards of butter which she sent my way as we were plasticising the butter for our croissant dough - there's really a limit to what I can handle. And well, after the class ended, I nearly had a heart attack because that particular girl said she wanted to speak to me. I wasn't sure what to expect and what came out of it was something I least expected. The girl apologised to me for asking me all those questions and admitted that she was clumsy and actually thanked me for helping her. So the outcome, I was a bit confused and then ended up feeling like crap; and hence I remind myself to control my temper and to take things easy, and to just be that bit more forgiving. I will definitely remember today.

Might I add, I'm also a little forgetful. Photos will be up tomorrow for today's brioche. Brioche filled with lots and lots of chocolate is tres yummy!

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